Remains Of Today (English version)

The artworks, the installation & audio experience

Remains Of Today is a series of 100 small communicating artworks. 

Visual artist Marit Otto started this project in 2018. She called the individual artworks with text verbal’s and the artworks with undefined found objects UFO’s. The text is mostly found in magazines, newspapers and an occasional plastic bag found on the streets, the UFO’s and the defined found objects are mostly found on the streets, as litter. 

The sum of these artworks is now more than a 100 artworks and is still a work in progress. 

Circular art- Both the artwork support and the wooden frame supporting the artworks are circular too. Made of all kinds of waste, worn and used materials. 

Each artwork is an intentional and unintentional (philosophical) contemplation or a reflection of current and passing events and actualities.

25-10-2020 it resulted in an exhibition ‘Zielenroerselen van de kunstenaar’ in het Rietveldpaviljoen in Amersfoort, NL.

A series of musical compositions by musician and composer A.R.T. (Ali Reza Tahoeni) inspired by the visual art installation ‘Remains Of Today’ by Marit Otto.

About the music composition and special collaboration with composer Ali Reza Tahoeni.

I have known Ali for approx. 10 years now. We got to know each other when I was a hobby DJ at a jazz café in Zwolle called Jazzy Jam. We shared a passion for music. Now, years later we are working in the same communal workspace in Zwolle Rieteweg 10. It seemed we did not only share the love for music but also the love of art. Ali got inspired by my series of artworks in progress and started making his musical interpretations. He is intended to complete it up to all 100 tracks, the total of the current installation. 

The first ten tracks are to be enjoyed here on soundcloud and @ the Rietveldpaviljoen during the exhibition. Soon the list of tracks will be expanded.

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More about the individual artworks:

More about A.R.T.

An exciting new collaboration between an visual artist (me) and musician/producer Ali Reza Tahoeni. a.ka. A.R.T. Resulting for the moment in 10 fresh tracks based on my artwork/ installation Remains Of Today- teaser

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