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Ik heb in totaal 15 lettertypes uitgegeven bij URW++ fontshop.  Deze 15 lettertypes zijn thematisch en onderscheidend. De volgende lettertypes zijn ondergebracht bij URW++ en andere uitgeverijen(My Fonds,Linotype, youworkforthem, Fonthaus, Fontgala en meer.) : C- Nation, Nipon, Le Rock, Pipeline, Smooth Buggaloo, Labyrindo, New Daily , Picastro, Filistique, & Jazmo,  Democrazia , Eurabia, Beyond babylon, Kosmique  en Roundabout.

Alle lettertypes zijn gepubliceerd bij URW++)

Publicatie september 2016
Publicatie september 2016

Omschrijving lettertypes (Engels): Information Typefaces

Beyond Babylon

Babylon was a civilisation that stretched from Bagdad to thePersian Gulf. There is an Old and new Babylonia, the era of Babylon civilization and the biblical Babylon. The oldest scriptures to be found since the rise of civilisation are Babylonic. The Christian, the Jewish and the Arabic culture find its origin in the Middle East. And they share more or less the same history, the same roots and DNA. One people, but in reality a melting pot of close related cultures whom could not be more far apart, hostile and suspicious towards each other. An eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. One could say this disagreement is still alive today and has deeply infected all of our systems. Beyond Babylon is sculpted after Hebrew, Arabic character style elements in a European writing. It questions what happened after

the great Babylonic confusion. Did the words finally come across? Did they realize the distant and gap was maybe smaller than expected. This typeface is related to my former character Eurabia. As an artist I like to play with contradictions. Use opposite elements and mould them in to one understandable piece and in addition a thought to chew on. Other wise the experimental ore shape lovin’ typeface user could be very happy with an addition feature to the existing characters. One option more to express your selves in writing. Also this typeface is really suitable for theme writing or advertising.

Roundabout is a typeface that is extracted from anellipse shape. Each and every character started at the same geometrical figure. By cutting it up in sections, twist and rotate the separate character scould be build. The ellipse provides this typeface with evident and smooth looking features. The name Roundabout is misleading, an ellipse is not round. But the word Roundabout has a nice ring to it and it seems to fit this typeface perfectly.

The Roundabout as we know it is a place where the traffic circles. Sometimes in the greater metropoles it jams like clotting veins. Various exits are presented for those who know which way to go, For those who don’t it seems an eternal treadmill.

Unlike my typeface, that seems rather careless, light weighted and knows her way around. A roundabout in a child’s mind is a playful carrousel or a merry go round. Merry go round has the sweetest sound and a match is found. My Roundabout is a joyful, optimistic and open typeface, which can be used over and over and over again for many or any purposes.

Ik ben met lettertype design begonnen toen ik mijn eerste eigen stagiaire van doorlopend werk moest voorzien. Ik had een ontwerp liggen wat ik had gemaakt voor de huisnummering en bewegwijzering voor De Oude Ambachtsschool (Culturele Broedplaats DOAS) Zwolle. Deze cijfers en letters zijn het vertrekpunt geweest voor mijn eerste lettertype Jazmo. Inmiddels ben een vaste ontwerper bij URW++ een fontuitgever uit Hamburg, Duitsland. De fonts worden daar ook aangeboden en naar verloop van tijd wordt het bij alle fontshops over de hele wereld verspreid. Eens in de 3 maanden ontvang ik mijn royalties.

Check: Marits fonts @ URW++fontforum.de












Mijn eerste lettertype gebaseerd op het huisnummer ontwerp wat ik voor DOAs heb ontworpen
Mijn eerste lettertype gebaseerd op het huisnummer ontwerp wat ik voor DOAs heb ontworpen

Huisstijl – beeldmerk – signs