Cyberia 2.0. Zie ook Cyberia
Cyberia. Acryl op canvas 30/30 cm My Cyberia is a halfway in between Dystopia and Utopia. What seems to become the ideal world for one is the ultimate nightmare for the other. The future seems closer than we can already comprehend. The age of robotica is present wheather we like it or not, it twill progress and evolve even more. Are robots making life better for mankind? No more slavery, no more mind numbing factory work, no more loneliness? Or, will we be replaced, overruled and over witted by them? Let alone something hybride as half men, half robot. Would this be reality one day? Sharing a world with electronic human like figures with no heart, no consciousness and no fear can take a different turn than we might choose. Sharing a world with high tech- half people- half machine, endless brain-power combined with human virtues as revenge, jealousy, lust, warmonger, and love of power, would be totally unthinkable and erratic








To Me Or Not To Me (Stardust)









Sculptuur Blou Blauw gemaakt in samewerking met Harley Davelaar op uitnodiging van Margin Art & Media.











Fenix, acryl op doek, 2 m h/50cm b/


Hahahahahahahahaha, digitale print op canvas. Veel valt er misschien niet te lachen, maar de lach is en blijft bevrijdend.
Beast sculptuur 1.80/90/90